Juniper Networks Announces a New Design Track!

On May 27th 2015 the networking industry got the long awaited good news that Juniper will create a new design track. As a Cisco CCDE the first question that popped in my mind was, will Juniper’s design track rival Cisco’s design track, or will it be completely different? I soon found myself daydreaming of being a Juniper Networks Certified Design Expert (JNCDE); Wait, what if Juniper never takes it that far and ends up treating their design track the same as their support track, which only goes up to the professional level?

I couldn’t wait to have the answer I craved. I hastefully typed up an email to my Juniper Rep. and pleaded for any inside info on if/when a JNCDE would be decided on. The answer I received was “We haven’t decided on a JNDE level yet and are currently focusing on the development of the JNDS courses.” My frantic excitement to open and read the response turned to disappointment. As I walked out of my office to get something to drink I thought, hey its still possible! and my mind was back to daydreaming of what challenges the JNCDE could bring.

If you would like to see the Juniper Networks Certification Program Framework follow the link below.

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