Update: Juniper’s Design Track Progress

Juniper has been working very hard on their new design track and I have to say that Janice LaTourette and her team have been doing a great job! With the JNCDS-SEC exam soon to be released and the training course to be completed by the end of the year, this will conclude the specialist level development of their design program. Some of the more interesting rumors are that there may be new complementary training for current Juniper Champions on the horizon and the addition of a Solutions Specialist Design track to the Champion Program. With the professional level development on the roadmap for 2017 there is still no decision on the highly anticipated news of a JNCDE, which is disappointing. One has to ask, why would Juniper Networks invest so much into this new design program and stop short of their main competitor’s design program?


For current news on Juniper’s certification program, follow the link below.



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  1. Walt

    So I see vendors are releasing training for the Juniper JND course, and the classes seem to be filling up fast. Do you plan on attending these or are you waiting for the JNCDE?

    • galimijgalimi

      I was actually part of the original training creation, review, and in some cases the certification tests. These certifications will be required for the Juniper Champion Program. I would love to say their will be a JNCDE, but that decision has not yet been made.

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