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Update: Juniper’s Design Track Progress

Juniper has been working very hard on their new design track and I have to say that Janice LaTourette and her team have been doing a great job! With the JNCDS-SEC exam soon to be released and the training course to be completed by the end of the year, this will conclude the specialist level development of their design program. Some of the more interesting rumors are that there may be new complementary training for current Juniper Champions on the horizon and the addition of a Solutions Specialist Design track to the Champion Program. With the professional level development on the roadmap for 2017 there is still no decision on the highly anticipated news of a JNCDE, which is disappointing. One has to ask, why would Juniper Networks invest so much into this new design program and stop short of their main competitor’s design program?


For current news on Juniper’s certification program, follow the link below.



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Review: Juniper Networks Design Fundamentals (JNDF)

Back in September I received my JNDF course books in the mail and I could not wait to get home and see what Juniper had in store for their first design course. For anyone who is starting out in the field I can assure you, you have no clue where you will end up. Whether you find yourself starting out in presales, professional services, operations or if you happen to be a implementations engineer that wants to get into more than sitting in a cubical knocking out configs and tickets all day, this course is for you. The industry has recently placed a tremendous amount of focus on design and there is a very good reason, money.

It is very expensive for an organization to rollout an ineffective IT design that does not meet their business requirements, and understanding an organization’s business requirements is the corner stone of creating a proper design. Have you ever heard the saying measure twice and cut once? Planning and preparation in a careful and thorough manner before taking action is at the core of design best practice. This course does a great job of walking you through the specifics of the very things I have mentioned, while also providing you with examples in various technologies so that you can see what right looks like.

What to know more? Follow the link below.



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Juniper Networks Announces a New Design Track!

On May 27th 2015 the networking industry got the long awaited good news that Juniper will create a new design track. As a Cisco CCDE the first question that popped in my mind was, will Juniper’s design track rival Cisco’s design track, or will it be completely different? I soon found myself daydreaming of being a Juniper Networks Certified Design Expert (JNCDE); Wait, what if Juniper never takes it that far and ends up treating their design track the same as their support track, which only goes up to the professional level?

I couldn’t wait to have the answer I craved. I hastefully typed up an email to my Juniper Rep. and pleaded for any inside info on if/when a JNCDE would be decided on. The answer I received was “We haven’t decided on a JNDE level yet and are currently focusing on the development of the JNDS courses.” My frantic excitement to open and read the response turned to disappointment. As I walked out of my office to get something to drink I thought, hey its still possible! and my mind was back to daydreaming of what challenges the JNCDE could bring.

If you would like to see the Juniper Networks Certification Program Framework follow the link below.


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